Project pitch

‘Under Willow’ – audiovisual piece

A portrayal of synaesthesia…

I am currently producing an animation for the instrumental track ‘Under Willow’

The initial concept behind the visuals predominantly concerns synaesthesia (associations made between different sensory stimuli, in this case between sound and sight and the feelings that can be induced in the process). You can find out more about the ideas that came together to form the concept for the piece here.

To give an impression of the look and feel of the piece, here are some frames from the original storyboard (the arrows simply give an indication of the movement and will not be seen in the final film).

Some animation tests have also been made…

Dancers have been filmed whilst ‘reacting’ freely to the music, thereby ‘illustrating’ the music through body movement and so now I have the arduous task of rotoscoping each frame of the footage with the use of 3D software. My hope it that this will provide a guide for movement which can then be adorned with visuals that reflect on what it is that we feel when listening to the piece…


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