Project research – synaesthesia questionnaire

To find out more about the audiovisual production for ‘Under Willow’, visit the project pitch.

This project was originally conceived as a way of experimenting with and displaying ideas of synaesthesia.

For those who might not have discovered this fascinating phenomenon, visit this article on wikipedia.

Consequently, I thought it absolutely imperative to devise a questionnaire setting out to gather the thoughts and responses from as many people as possible.
The differences are just as intriguing as the similarities regarding the associations people make between… things and stuff.

So far, this is an extremely short two-page questionnaire. You will need to listen to the track before answering anything on the second page…

Click here to take the Online Survey

Please do give feedback to comment on how effective it was and what improvements and extra questions you think it needs…

Also feel free to jot down any thoughts on the subject or post any links to sites that might relate to this topic in any way…

Enjoy and thanks for you help!


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