Jessops slide film, rediscovered

It was while working at a high street mini-lab that I learned about the wonders of the cross-processed film. It seemed simple; shoot a roll of E6, bung it through a C41 processor et voilà, dreamy and saturated results that surpass any colour film. I was not getting those results. I was being mocked by fierce reds and bitterly cold greens.
Well, it turns out there was only one film to use that would give colours so balanced they could hold an arabesque penchée in a tornado. ‘Use Jessops brand’ my colleague uttered with a degree of nonchalance. He was definitely right and I stopped using everything else.

After a break from photography for some years, I returned to Jessops to stock up on some of that “sure bet” stuff and to my horror, I was given the dreadful news that Jessops brand slide film had been discontinued. I might as well have given up photography at that point but, after some researching, I was shocked that I managed to track it down once again. Apparently, Jessops taxed the old Agfa Precisa slide film and rebranded it as their own…

So, I’m yet to see the results for myself but I trust that this person knows what he’s talking about and I cannot thank him enough for his insight…

So now you know the secret, go shoot away, you’ll be stunned at the results!

And a peek at my personal attempts to date…


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